Why Be A Siarum Distributor?

What Makes This An Excellent Opportunity?

Siarum is a lucrative business opportunity with potential first-year profits estimated at six figures with exceedingly strong residual income. Become a part of the 2.2 trillion dollar per year communications and technology industry with no experience.

Businesses rely heavily on communications as a vital part of their success.  Siarum is a state-of-the-art communication system that not only reduces the costs of phone and data services, but also connects sales and marketing teams to their clients like never before. Siarum is equipped with Siarum Connect, a unique, built-in CRM, allowing businesses to initiate and receive calls to and from clients anywhere in the world. What’s more, the call is actually recorded and logged into the client’s profile in Siarum Connect. Because these calls are recorded and stored as digital files, unfortunate circumstances of miscommunication with clients are practically eliminated. 

Siarum Ring Dashboard

As a territory owner, you will be providing businesses with a complete sales, marketing and communication tool, all while substantially reducing their current phone and internet costs. Businesses have already budgeted for these costs, and that will never change. Now you are able to offer those standard services, plus the advanced, powerful tools of Siarum, at no additional cost.

Consider the items below as quick benefits to owning your own communications and technology distributorship:

  1. Potential Market is Vast and Diversified. The telecommunications industry is set to grow from 2.2 trillion in 2015 to 2.4 trillion in 2019. The potential as a business owner in this market is enormous and is only getting stronger each year. Markets include:
  • Transportation: Transportation companies spend tens or thousands of dollars each month to dispatch drivers and communicate with these drivers daily. Siarum started in this industry and has numerous testimonials to back up your story.
  • Healthcare: From single doctors’ offices to large chain hospitals, communications is a critical component to the healthcare industry. With Siarum, medical providers now have the ability to record all patient calls for legal protection.
  • Restaurants: Imagine if a restaurant could send out voice advertising messages to people instantly each day with a special discount offer right before lunch or dinner time. Now the restaurant owner has the ability to reach hundreds, even thousands of people right before these people make their dining decisions about where to eat.
  • Universities and Schools: Each school system must engage with parents and students via text, email and voice all the time. Now you can offer the schools a much more efficient and cost effective way to communicate regularly.

These are just a few vertical markets that have massive potential. Many more are available.

  1. Minimal overhead. No need for retail or office space, no inventory, no shipping, no invoicing required. We act as your back office support staff.
  1. Exceedingly strong residual Income deposited into your account each month. And because the technology does exactly what it’s supposed to, there is minimal attrition.
  1. Need is great. More so than ever before is the need to communicate and stay in touch with clients before the competition gets to them, Businesses need to be as efficient and financially prudent as possible. Our system devices/technology meets those needs perfectly. In a world of technology and an age of Information, our technology is rated number 1.
  1. PMG is constantly developing new technologies and products that will continually allow you a wide variety of services to offer your clients.
  1. Siarum provides a proven turnkey business opportunity for a smooth and immediate flow of business and revenue.
  1. Unparalleled customer service, marketing and technical support.
  1. Only one distributor is placed in a substantial marketing area.
  1. Not a hard sell. Our technology/products sell themselves.
  1. Marketing assistance, if and when you’re ready to sell your business.
  1. No franchise fees, royalties or percentages.
  1. Not only are you able to generate revenue from our Siarum system, we are also a full-service printing company, promotional company and marketing company. This allows you to earn even more ongoing revenue from your clients. You will now own a territory with three companies, not just one.

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