Easily add IVR to your application

TeamLogic Voice’s IVR menus are the initial audio greeting that tells callers which key to press to reach your web or desktop phones, groups or even your voicemail. (example: “Press 1 for sales…”). Set up your menu with your customized recording to give important information like your company directory, business hours and any other important information you need to present.


Here’s how it works:


  1. Customers call your business– They are greeted with pre-recorded voice, including a menu of options they can select by pressing keys on their phone.
  2. Customers select what they need– They can accomplish many routine tasks in the IVR without talking to an agent but then they can easily be transferred to an agent who will have the context of their call when answering.

Its as simple as that!

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Five Spheres. One Mission.

When you subscribe to TeamLogic Voice Phone service, you subscribe to one of the most secure communications system in the industry. With our 5 spheres of communications, we have you covered. Give us a call to set up your personalized demo today.


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What People Are Saying

This is one of the most effective phone services I have ever used. I can even make cals from anywhere in the country and my clients think I am in the office.
Whit Millsap


Saved me a lot of money and gave me a client management tool that is outstanding. Now I never miss a conversation with any client and I can go back at anytime and check the recordings.
Sam Gannaway

Farmers Insurance

Mark and Jason was with us every step of the way to make the communications transition seamless. I would recommend any business or University use Siarum. Top of the line service.
Leon Moody

Miles College

Security was our main concern when moving to a new phone system, but TeamLogic Voice’s servers are the best in the industry. We have been very pleased since moving over.

Jim Carter

Horizons Financial Services

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