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Phone System

Business Phone Software

TeamLogic Voice allows you to make telephone calls and send messages using a broadband Internet connection instead of using a regular analog phone line. You will optimize your advertising budget and your call center performance to maximize your ROI. Know exactly which advertising campaigns are generating phone calls and conversions.

TeamLogic Voice is integrated with our Siarum CRM so you know which agents are producing results. Now you can build a landing page and know when someone calls from it. TeamLogic Voice Client Management Software connects your phone, text, CRM, email marketing and so much more.

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The Round Robin feature enables even distribution of incoming calls throughout groups or teams within your company, leveraging a specific tracking code.
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Record every incoming phone call per tracking code and listen to those recordings, leveraging them for training as well as keeping those recordings for additional safeguards in your business. Hear Example
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A “Source Announcement” is a quick announcement made to the person answering the call. This happens just before connection, and the caller does not hear it.
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This feature plots calls based on their source on a Google map, providing you with information at a quick glance of your call’s source area. See Example
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TeamLogic Voice’s Virtual Office Mobile app lets you take the most important functionality features on the go such as  full business phone, online voicemail, video calling, call conferencing and chat. Use your iPhone, IPad or Android device to make and receive calls using your on-the-go extension, and calls from your mobile device will display your business Caller ID.


Robust Reporting

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TeamLogic Voice offers graphs and charts presented in real-time, offering the ability to make your decisions and when the call takes place the dashboard, and associated reports are updated instantly. See Example 


What Clients are Saying

Saved me a lot of money and gave me a client management tool that is outstanding. Now I never miss a conversation with any client and I can go back at anytime and check the recordings.
Sam Gannaway

Owner, Farmers Insurance

Security was our main concern when moving to a new phone system, but Siarum’s servers are the best in the industry. We have been very pleased since moving over.

Jim Carter

Managing Partner, Horizons Financial Group

Mark helped me start my business 4 years ago and now we are using the Siarum Phone system. Mark and the entire Siarum team is one of the best groups I have ever worked with.

Kerri Hicks

Owner, Vetcare of Calera

Mark and Jason was with us every step of the way to make the communications transition seamless. I would recommend any business or University use Siarum. Top of the line service.
Leon Moody

IT and Marketing Manager, Miles College

TeamLogic Voice For Agencies

TeamLogic Voice was also designed for the advertising agency market. Our white label dashboard provides agencies the ability to separate client accounts. Easing monthly billing and all other reporting. Our tools allow you to track, plan, and gather information from robust reports, call tracking, source tracking and even bulk email campaign tracking. Siarum workflow allows you to manage your clients or even sell Siarum services to your clients. Providing your agency with a new revenue stream. Click below to learn more.

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