Distributor Support and Training

Siarum Communications offers a complete support network for Independent Distributors – both from the home office in Birmingham,  Al, through market development specialists, and through Regional Sales Managers located in the home office. This system is designed to help each licensee launch successful territories; and our commitment is ongoing. PMG provides the assistance you need, whether it’s the first territory launched… or the thousandth!

Market Research:

Our comprehensive Market Survey will help you identify your client base and sales potential, understand the buyer profiles in your market, analyze the competition, and study your target audience. Siarum Communications will help you formulate a winning strategy to attack your market as quickly and easily as possible. Our proven methods will teach you how to open doors a gain your customers trust from the very first sale.


When the Market Survey is complete as well as other pre-training activities and modules, you’ll spend a few days observing an up-and – running territory at a location convenient to you. The in-house training program takes place at Siarum Communications headquarters in Birmingham. You’ll learn all aspects of selling a robust communications system – – selling skills, phone programming, general knowledge of the communications industry and sales techniques that will help you in your everyday work environment. You’ll also become familiar with the latest technology programs developed to make you a more valuable and effective resource. Video modules, manuals, product knowledge, computers, classroom presentations, hands-on workshops, role plays, and yes, even homework is a part of this intense learning experience. Your successful completion of training arms you with the tools you’ll need as you return to your market.

Field Support:

Upon completion of training, you’ll be ready to begin selling Siarum for your first territory. A Regional Sales Manager of Siarum Communications, will spend time with you as you begin your initial launch. Our job is to support your efforts. Together, you’ll call on key prospects and explain how – and why – Siarum is different and better than all other business communication systems in the industry. You’ll answer questions and overcome objections to close sales and build clients.

During that time, you’ll review your Siarum story and analyze your target audience. This ensures that your launch will be targeted to the right clients and we will help you secure those “hard-to-get”, but vital first customers.

Ongoing Support:

Siarum Communications doesn’t just promise the support; Siarum supports the promise! Siarum’s support will always be available with the assistance you need whether you’re on your second or twenty-second territory.  We encourage you to draw upon our experience. We’re committed to making your business as productive and as rewarding as it can be.

Remember, you’re joining an incredibly experienced support system; one that depends on, and, therefore, is dedicated to your success.

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