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Top Internet Partner Companies

PMG Teams with the Top Suppliers to Bring You the Best Services Available:


PMG works with the most reliable suppliers because PMG partners know happy customers are long term. A reliable supplier is one that offers a great service at a reasonable price and implements and supports that service well. PMG holds contracts with suppliers offering voice, cloud services, business internet, network services, and managed services.

How does PMG Evaluate potential service providers to Improve the customer experience?


PMG evaluates potential service providers by strategic needs and niche opportunities on a consistent basis through a cross functional internal committee under the direct of PMG Supplier Management team. This increases quality of service and ensures every opportunity gets the best solution. Selecting the best service providers means our clients have a superior experience and high quality service.

The PMG Advantage

PMG helps you drive business performance, increase employee productivity and facilitate the sharing of data, ideas and collaboration across teams. PMG Technology’s Internet and Data Services offer turnkey solutions for email, instant messaging, backups, office applications, cloud security and voice solutions. PMG is partnered with hundreds of top data and internet companies around the country which allows us to provide you with the most secure and cost effective solutions provider in your area. PMG helps you dramatically improve the efficiency and availability of communications resources, applications and data in your organization, leveraging the flexibility, scalability, elasticity and cost-savings of the cloud.


Don’t share your broadband dedicated internet connection with others. With a dedicated T1 you never compete for bandwidth. Dedicated access empowers your workforce to communicate, collaborate and work more productively—confidently and securely sharing large data files over the Internet at the same fast speed for uploads and downloads.

Dedicated Access

Dedicated Internet Access, highly dependable and redundant infrastructure, 24-hour network monitoring and customer support optimizes network performance. Don’t let unreliable broadband Internet connections hinder or halt your ability to conduct business. Rely on T1 Dedicated Internet Access for your high-speed business Internet connections.

Business-Critical Internet Access.


Network Connectivity:

  • Connect on-site web, email, DNS servers and other business-critical applications

Secure Access:

  • Securely upload and download large data files and share across your employee network

Dedicated Bandwidth:

  • High-peformance, dedicated access to run your web-based applications, conduct video conferences and stream video

Multi-Site Access:

  • Connect multiple locations across your enterprise

TDM Handoff:

  • Dedicated Internet access delivered via a range of T1, multiple T1s, or higher speed SONET circuits

Consistent Broadband Performance:

  • The same speed is available to your business 24 x 7 

Reliable, Robust Network:

  • IP networking solutions engineered to deliver the speed and dependability businesses require
  • Access dedicated connection(s) to top third-party cloud service providers
  • Take advantage of multiple connectivity and diversity/protection options, including switched Ethernet, MPLS VPN and Wave

Network and Data Services

  • Scale your cloud connectivity as your utilization of cloud grows with a multi-service port
  • IP networking solutions engineered to deliver the speed and dependability businesses require
  • Boost productivity to outpace and outperform competitors
  • Ensure reliable availability and redundancy with multiple access points
  • Reduce the risk of DDoS attacks and other, yet unknown, online threats
  • Hit the ground running with nimble onboarding and rapid solution deployment
  • Decrease latency and dropped packets by enabling direct branch connectivity

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